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Debit Card With One Touch

It has worldwide presence and is widely used for online and electronic transactions in more than 200 countries.

Master card debit card fall within the popular types of debit cards. Master Card is one of the world’s most accepted forms..

Debit Card Without One Touch

These debit cards allow payments to be made without swiping the cards, only will have to wave this card

It is very similar to Visa Debit cards except that cardholders do not have an overdraft facility these debit card ensure

Axis Bank set to buy Citigroup’s $2.5 billion India retail unit

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Visa Debit Cards

Visa Debit cards work like cash, only better. They are issued by your bank or other financial institution, and use funds directly from your bank account. Accepted worldwide, visa Debit cards offer quick, secure and convenient access to your money in person, online, overseas and over the phone, enjoy the convenience of paying directly from your account, with all the security that Visa provide

NTransaction Type in Credit Card

Credit Card Processing Transaction Types

Credit card processing includes many different types of transactions outside of the common purchase, where a consumer uses their card to pay for a purchase right away and the business owners received the funds from the transaction. On any given day you might use your credit card to fill up your tank on the way to work, return an item to a retailer, or check in to a hotel room, each of these situations would require the merchant to run a different type of transaction using your credit card. Here is an overview of the different type of credit card :

Most Important Things

Credit card & it’s important

A credit card is a transactional card that enables the holder to make purchases of goods and services or withdraw advance cash on credit .It is issued by banks and financial institutions to bring convenience of payment. Credit cards act as a micro loan tool where the individual makes purchases under the conditions of paying off the same within a specific time period. There is no interest payouts if the due amount is paid within a specific time (interest –free period).

NEw Application for Creditcard


You can apply for credit cards in just easy steps, you need Aadhar card, Pan card, and some essential documents along with bank account, To open your account, you will first need to put down a cash deposit. Your credit limit is typically equal to your deposit. Minimum deposit requirement range from $ 200 TO $500, depending on the card. Most secured cards allow you to deposit more to get a higher line. If you don’t have income , you are also eligible to apply credit card with some criteria as like…..

Some Fee Details

Prepaid card fees charges

With most prepaid cards you will have to pay some fees for holding or using the card. The kinds of fees and the amounts vary depending on the card and how it’s used, below is list the types of fees that prepaid cards may charge, it’s vary in different cards.

A monthly fee is a fixed fee you pay each month even if you don’t use the card, the fee is automatically deducted from your account balance, some cards may waive the monthly fee under certain circumstances, for example, some prepaid cards waive the monthly if you have your prepaid account, if you use your account frequently.

ATM card Vs Credit Card

ATM Card Vs Prepaid Card

We must know that they are two different cards. An ATM Card is a pin- based card, used to transact in ATMs only, while a Debit Card, on the other hand, is a much more multi- functional card. They are accepted for transacting at a lot of places like stores, restaurants, online in addition to ATM. Some ATM Cards also functions debit cards which may be used to make purchases online and at retail establishment. Such Cards have visible visa MasterCard. Discover, or American Express logos. These cards are often interchangeable with Credit Cards, but they are not exactly the same. They both allow to withdraw funds from checking or saving account at an ATM. 

New RBI guideline 2022

RBI’s new rules would stop online merchants from storing their customers’ card details, the new rules were earlier scheduled to go into effect from July 2021, but they will now come into force in January 2022. The companies have argued that the new guidelines would hamper the online payment experience.

RBI’s new mandate will change the way you handle your online payments. The Reserve Bank of India has a new set of guidelines for payment gateways and online merchants that would stop them from storing customers’ card details. This clearly means that you will have to remember your 16 digit card number or carry the card wherever you go when shopping online. The new rules were scheduled to go into effect from July 2021, but they will now come into force in January 2022. 

How Credit Card EMI work

Payment on credit card can be done in three ways- the most simple and convenient way to make the payments is pay off the entire principal amount before due day without paying the interest on it. Second way of paying the outstanding amount is pay small amount now and carry the rest of the principal amount in future by paying interest on it. The third option to make the payment against the amount and converting the entire amount into an equated monthly instalment for credit cards-much like you pay each month in a personal loan or home loan, the most important thing to understand the impact of converting a payment into such EMI purchase on credit card. If you are in an impression that credit card companies are allowing to pay the amount in small monthly instalments without charging anything then you are wrong, you must know how credit card EMI works.

SBI Bank Credit Card Features

SBI is a multinational publicly owned bank with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The State Bank of India allows you to experience a wide range of credit cards that are designed according to the financial needs of customers. This bank offers you a plethora of benefits, from low finance fees to a great reward program. These are the special features of each credit card provided by SBI:

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Features

IndusInd Bank is an Indian new-generation bank that was started in April 1994 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. This Bank is considered one of the best credit card issuers in the Indian market. It offers various categories of credit cards, including entertainment, lifestyle, shopping, travel, and many more. One can avail of these facilities, such as ATMs, mobile banking, phone banking, multi-city banking, and international debit cards.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Features

With its headquarters in Mumbai, ICICI Bank is a multinational Indian bank and monetary services provider. ICICI Bank provides a wide variety of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail clients.

This bank has branches in Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, Qatar, Dubai International Finance Centre, Oman, Bahrain, China, and South Africa. This is the best-suited credit card that provides a plethora of offers to its cardholders.

Credit Card News & Offers

SBI is changing its credit card charges as of- March 17

Find out how the changes will affect users.SBI will increase the credit card processing fee from Rs. 99 (plus GST) to Rs. 199 (plus GST) beginning March 17, 2023.

India’s most beneficial travel credit card is launched by HDFC Bank and IRCTC

Customers can get detailed information through the app and apply for a travel credit card on both HDFC and IRTC’s websites.

IndianOil Corporation and Kotak Bank collaborated to launch their Fuel Credit Card

Indian Oil Corporation and Kotak Mahindra Bank have announced their highly rewarding fuel credit card. This card is accessible on the Rupay network.

HDFC bank users can link the RuPay credit card with UPI Apps

HDFC is the first Indian private sector bank to allow its customers to use their RuPay credit card on UPI. Up until last year, users linked their savings account to UPI,

Due to customers falling behind on payments, American’s Express Q4 fell by 9%

As the credit company had to keep aside far more money to cover bad loans, American Express’s fourth-quarter profits dropped by 9%. However, the business planned to raise its quarterly profit and forecast a higher profit for 2023.

Axis Bank announced its Rewards Credit Card

India’s third-largest private sector bank, Axis Bank, announced the most beneficial card, which is the Edge Reward credit card.Cardholders can earn EDGE reward points while purchasing goods with this card that they can use in the simplest way.

With the SBI Credit Card, Enjoy a 50% discount on Gift Vouchers

With the help of Gyftr, one of India’s largest gift voucher resellers, SBI is providing an amazing offer of up to 50% off on e-gift vouchers.

HDFC introduces the Regalia Gold Credit Card with various benefits

In order to offer special incentives to customers, HDFC introduced the brand-new Regalia Gold Credit Card. With this card, customers can enjoy world-class travel benefits and shop at some of the best brands.

SBI Bank introduces cashback on the SBI Cashback Credit Card

The SBI bank recently introduced its cashback credit card, which has no joining fee and a Rs. 999 renewal fee. As its name suggests, the cardholder enjoys cashback for any purchase, whether it is offline or online.

Axis Bank added convert Edge rewards to Points & Miles

Axis Bank is one of the largest banks that offers various banking and credit card services to its customers. Bank started transferring credit card reward points to partner hotels like United Airlines, Marriott Bonvoy, Singapore Airlines, and many other international brands.

AU Bank offering credit card: Terms and Conditions

AU Bank offers credit cards to its customers and has become one of the well-known card issuers across the world. With an effect from 1 Apr 2023, AU Bank will bring some changes to the terms and conditions of the card.

American Express launches Spend-Based offers- Avail vouchers up to Rs.6000

American Express has introduced spend-based offers where cardholders will get amazing vouchers to make purchases.

RBL Bank switches to Shoprite Credit Card from its Edition Credit Card

As per the partnership between RBL Bank and Zomato Limited, RBL Bank Edition Black Credit Card and RBL Bank Classic Credit Card will be discontinued.