AU Bank offering credit card: Terms and Conditions

AU Bank offers credit cards to its customers and has become one of the well-known card issuers across the world.

With an effect from 1 Apr 2023, AU Bank will bring some changes to the terms and conditions of the card. For credit cards that are issued after 1st April 2023, an updated annual percentage rate (APR) of 3.59% per month or 43.08% per year will be imposed. 

Rental Processing Fee

No processing fee will be charged on 1st Rental payment. Cardholders need to pay a 1% processing fee from 2nd rental per month.

Gasoline Surcharge Waiver

AU Zenith credit card holders will get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver up to Rs.1000 in a single statement cycle.

Rate of Bonus Points on Special Merchant Categories
Merchant CategoryMoney SpentRPs for Xcite, Xcite Ultra, and Altura Plus credit cardsRPs for Vetta credit cards
InsuranceRs.1001 RPs1 RPs
RentRs.1001 RPs1 RPs
Utility & TelecomRs.1001 RPs4 RPs
Government and EducationRs.1001 RPs1 RPs

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